Tuba-Euphonium Tuesday

In an update, I worked up the music I mentioned in the last Tuba-Euphonium Tuesday post, and it went pretty well. Haven’t had much of a chance to pick up the horn since then, though, so we’re kind of back in stasis. (Things are happening right now which I am not at liberty to discuss yet. Good things, to be sure, but I must remain a little cryptic.)

So, for today’s installment I shall throw it open to the peanut gallery: What method books do you recommend for advanced high school/college students?



3 Responses to Tuba-Euphonium Tuesday

  1. Mike says:

    David Lewin’s “Generalized musical intervals and their transformations: Euphonium edition.” 😉

  2. Treble clef or bass clef edition, Mike?



  3. Mike says:

    I thought it was only available in mezzo-soprano clef… must be new.

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