Whatcha Reading?

I just finished a wonderful book of essays by Nicholson Baker, The Size of Thoughts: Essays and Other Lumber. The man has a gift for thinking about and understanding language. I know I won’t look at the language – or lumber – the same way again. Sometimes the stream-of-consciousness gets a little old if you hear it out loud, but on the page it dances.

Not well-known fact about Nicholson Baker: He attended the Eastman School of Music for a time. What his major was, I do not know.

Whatcha reading?



One Response to Whatcha Reading?

  1. Well I just finished reading this awesome guest post over at Tone Deaf: http://www.tonedeafcomics.com/so-what-does-a-music-department-look-for-anyway

    Nice work, Doc! 🙂

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