I was in Burlington, VT at the Institute on General Education and Assessment sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities last week. Believe it or not, there were some fascinating talks and discussions. I am rethinking how to assess my classes and the music program, as well as some changes in my pedagogy. Yes, there was lots of jargon (my only complaint, actually), but it was an eye-opening experience (especially as I will be serving on the campus’s Assessment of Student Learning Committee next year).

Also, I had the chance to break bread with the legendary NTodd Pritsky, so there’s that. He’s a mensch among men.



2 Responses to jargon

  1. NTodd says:

    I’m more of a schlemiel…

  2. […] the only bad thing about the recent trip to Burlington was that I wasn’t able to be in town for the Rural Arts and Culture Summit (sponsored by, […]

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