all I do is meme of you

December 14, 2013

I created this this morning (12/14/2013, about 11am). I want to see how far around the world it gets.




smart ALEC

December 10, 2013

Back at the old place, I’d written about the dangers of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

People are starting to finally realize just how big a threat this group is to our representative democracy.

Fortunately, we have our own group – ALICE (American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange). It’s not nearly as well-funded, but it serves to advance the cause of progressive legislation wherever it can.


plus ça change

December 1, 2013

Same as it ever was:

Only a few of these denominational schools were equal to good second-rate grammar schools, Lindsley charged, and he scorned their “capacious preparatory departments for A, B, C-darians and Hic, Haec, Hoc-ers–promising to work cheap, and to finish off and graduate, in double quick time.”

The quote is from Richard Hofstadter, Academic Freedom in the Age of the College. New York: Columbia University Press, 1955, p. 212. Hofstadter is known today as an historian of populism and anti-intellectualism, but in this instance he turned his gaze on the development of academic freedom and the beginnings of American higher education. In this case, Hofstadter is quoting Rev. Philip Lindsley, an 1804 graduate of Princeton and later president of Cumberland College (which became the University of Nashville).

So when I rant about the low standards and fly-by-night nature of most of your for-profit “universities and colleges,” at least I’m part of a grand historical tradition.