the sun won’t come out tomorrow

December 20, 2012

So…the world is not going to end tomorrow.

But if it did, what would you say and do?



February 15, 2012

What I don’t get is why this blog, with only one semi-regular commenter (thanks, Mark!), gets spam comments. There’s virtually no audience; it just seems like a waste of time.


you kids with your hip-hops

January 6, 2012

So I happened to watch one of those “celebrity gossip” shows for about two minutes the other day, and I have a question:

When did the definition of “celebrity” expand to include “someone on a reality TV show?”

Also, it looks like they’re including people who appear on some network called The C…W? Did I spell that right?



January 1, 2012

(looks around, kicks the tires)

Oh, alright. We’ll take it.