missed it by that much

December 31, 2012

Well, I’m not down 40 pounds, and likely won’t be by the time Feb. 22, 2013 rolls around.

But, at least before the holidays, I was down 13 pounds. Given all that the past year has held, I’ll take that. That’s a pound a week since I changed my diet. Clothes are fitting more loosely. If I can keep up a pound a week, then in 2 – 3 years I’ll be in really good shape. We are hopefully joining the school’s gym this year as well, so even on those non-walkable days (and hey, it’s -3 out there right now, so this is one of them) we can still get some exercise in.




January 9, 2012

The countdown continues.



January 3, 2012

I now know what the starting point is for my weight loss.


It’s the highest its ever been, though at least it hasn’t broken one threshold I was convinced it would have.

So now we know. Will provide periodic updates.


On the road to 42

January 2, 2012

Did 22 minutes of a 45 minute intense cardio/aerobics workout today. Couldn’t do all the push-up stuff, and the jumping jacks presented a challenge (what with the gut and all), but I did what I could and kept moving at a good rate of speed for 22 solid minutes. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Doing musical things too. Gonna be a good year.